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by EJWorks
Sep 4th, '06, 01:49
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: So.. What was the first drama you watched??
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My library has a forgein section with videos, books, and magazines from around the world. One day I randomly picked on that was Korean just because and it turned out to be the first two episodes of Hotelier. I watched the whole series in the raw in like three days. My sister bought the dvds just ove...
by EJWorks
Sep 4th, '06, 01:43
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Can you tell asians apart?
Replies: 124
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Just a joke

I knew a preacher who use to tell me this joke.
"The best way to tell asians apart is the Japanese are rich looking, Chinese are proud looking, and the Koreans are the good looking."
-Brother Young Ho Lee
by EJWorks
Aug 26th, '06, 02:27
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: 1% of Anything (MBC, 2003)
Replies: 18
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As with any series in any medium it has it's share of flaws. One thing about Kdramas that I find annoying is that they tend to put quantity above quality and so the series drags on and on until finally an end, for most of them like "My Girl", "Delightful Girl", and "Wonderful Life" I stopped watchin...
by EJWorks
Aug 9th, '06, 17:36
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Goong Season 2 Poll Whats going to happen?
Replies: 136
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Could Gong2 focus on Shin's older sister? Sorry I forgot her name, but I thought she was a good character and didn't Shin give up the crown to her? A story that's focused on the 2 years she was traveling would be very intrasting. Maybe she met someone, but things went sour so they split just before ...