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by naviro
Aug 28th, '06, 01:27
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Penpals thread
Replies: 147
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I think this is a great idea, meeting new people is always fun. I'm a 19 year old asian male from california. I enjoy all kinds of music including soundtrack, I find other languages very interesting. I like to watch korean and japanese drama and am a big fan of anime. I speak english and cambodian, ...
by naviro
Aug 17th, '06, 05:40
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: How do girls want to be treated by guys?
Replies: 156
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You girls say that you want to be treated with respect, kindness, etc etc. that you want a guy who's smart, funny, caring, loyal, and all that good stuff. I'm very much like that but in my experience girls never really see guys like me as more than a friend if even that. I just don't understand why ...