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by monkey107
Feb 7th, '09, 08:59
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Topic: No Direct Download and Streaming Links for Dramas
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I kind of agree with SaNine here. Why can't a seperate section be created? I do respect the decision, but just such a shame to see that this decision is going to happen! =( Why cant we just have a separate section for DDL and discussion? Cos im pretty sure most of the traffic here is from the DDL se...
by monkey107
Jun 26th, '06, 03:14
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Topic: Cambodian D-Addicts
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TVB series dubbed in khmer

Hi everybody! Does anyone know where I can get TVB series dubbed in khmer? Thanks! =) Hey I want to watch that series that you uploaded I been dying to watch it. I hope it comes out with english subtitles soon. me too and wait ..sniffff but you can go in a tread i make in chinese drama discussion ^^...