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by anh2
Jul 9th, '06, 14:29
Forum: International Community
Topic: Vietnamese D-Addicts
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Korea vs Vietnam

1. I'm viet and I can listen, speak, read, and write it but only moderately. What I have the most trouble with would be reading and speaking though. Despite being able to read it, I'll probably have difficulties understanding it so that makes reading it without the symbols annoyingly difficult for ...
by anh2
Jul 9th, '06, 13:39
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Goong VS My Girl VS Full House
Replies: 412
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I m not Korean. So can anyone tell me what is that black noodle that I see them eating? Please don't tell me it is black bean sauce since I am allergic to beans. I love kimchi instant noodles although I don't like kimchi. I know odd isn't it. My wife is addicted to Korean food. Goong was great in co...