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by sn0flake
Mar 29th, '07, 05:51
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: How many language do you speak?
Replies: 490
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well, i'm fluent in english, chinese and indonesian. trying to pick up japanese and korean now tho :D
by sn0flake
Mar 27th, '07, 04:50
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005)
Replies: 428
Views: 164814

gosh, i noe this is an old drama by now, but i was refusing to watch this drama at first cos the stars din look that hot, but upon my friends heavy persuasion i decided to watch it and im stuck on it now. hyun bin is soooooooo hot, i really love how bad tempered he is, and how nice he is at heart bu...
by sn0flake
Mar 27th, '07, 03:18
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] Hana Kimi (CTS/GTV, 2006)
Replies: 666
Views: 223380

i think the manga is soo much better than the drama, at least sano looks much much hotter in the manga, and i din really like the ending, but it's not that bad...
by sn0flake
Mar 27th, '07, 02:55
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Post your pictures thread!!! Post them!
Replies: 3137
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well, decided to post some pics of myself too!
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 16:09
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Name your HOBBIES :)
Replies: 221
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first of all, i loveeee to travel, road trips, cruise, plane trips, etc... i also love being the object of photography i loveee cooking all sorta food, everything! i also love sampling all sorta delicacies i utterly enjoy chatting, at all times of the day, no matter how busy i am with schoolwork and...
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 07:26
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Do you allow a kiss on your first date?
Replies: 75
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hypothetically speaking, i won't really allow kissing on the first date. but hey, sometimes it depends on the ambience and atmosphere around u rite? like sumtimes if its the right time, right place, right person, then why not?
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 07:18
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: How do u store ur DRAMAS :)!
Replies: 218
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i no longer download my dramas now, takes too much time and i really hate the deleting part when there's no space. so i usually watch them off the net.

there's a few really good sites other than youtube so it's really helpful for me.
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 07:15
Forum: Life & Relationships
Replies: 3007
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wow, juz kinda wondering...have this thread really helped people like densha otoko? it's soo cool if it really did. i was really impressed with the heaps of supportive people in that drama.
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 07:05
Forum: Travel
Topic: go to korea...
Replies: 57
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i'm gonna be in korea this july for an exchange program at korea university in seoul. really looking forward to it.

can someone tell me the MUST-SEE and MUST-DO things at korea?? heex
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 06:21
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What school do you go to?
Replies: 236
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i'm in purdue university now :D:D
by sn0flake
Mar 26th, '07, 02:37
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Penpals thread
Replies: 147
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wow, penpal sounds like alot of fun!! i've never had 1 before, so rly looking forward to having some! im 18, indonesian chinese girl but currently in USA, one thing for sure i enjoy watching dramas - taiwanese, japenese and korean and, i juz wanna get to know as many people from all over the world a...
by sn0flake
May 21st, '06, 01:48
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What languages do you know?
Replies: 487
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well, chinese probably. i'm fluent in 3 languages, english, indonesian and chinese. and i kinda understand jap from animes/dramas (as in i understand what the people are talking abt, but i can't really speak it fluently), and kinda picking up korean now. lol
by sn0flake
May 20th, '06, 05:46
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Palace / Goong (MBC, 2006)
Replies: 3581
Views: 593367

goong is really really good! darn, i couldn't wait for the show to end cos i wanted to know what's gunna happen, but when it did end, i felt so empty. no more looking forward to what chaegyung is up to next. i really hated shin goon initially and was thinking about how gorgeous yul goon was and how ...
by sn0flake
May 20th, '06, 01:00
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Meet new friends, future gf/bf here
Replies: 422
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wow, i was kinda shocked to find soooo many guys here who likes asian dramas. i've always had many friends who were as in love as it as i am, but they're all girls. so it's kinda new that this many guys are just as interestd in dramas. anyways, i'm an indonesian, and i've lived half my life in indon...
by sn0flake
Apr 12th, '06, 21:03
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What's your MAJOR??
Replies: 372
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i'm an actuarial science major. well, ain't really sure whether that's what i wanna do but i guess i can still switch :scratch: don't really know what to do either :lol