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by C_U
Dec 28th, '07, 11:33
Forum: Travel
Topic: Going to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for a month in June.
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Views: 4532're planning to go when i go, but my trip will be for only two weeks and i'm also throwing Hong Kong into the mix. I've got family in Cambo and they can also speak Viet so i guess i'm pretty lucky because i won't be ripped off when shopping or using their public motocycle. I'...
by C_U
Dec 28th, '07, 11:17
Forum: Travel
Topic: Seoul accommodation advice
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Wow, those places look nice! This is where I stayed I used to live in Daejon (I taught ESL for over a year) and would go up to Seoul on weekends, and this is where I always stayed. I liked it because it was cheap, and there were always interesting people ...
by C_U
Aug 3rd, '05, 10:46
Forum: International Community
Topic: Australian D-Addicts
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i guess melbournians loves d-addicts...i'm one of them .... i'm with optus, get 12gb 9am-2am and 24gb offpeak(2am-9am)....i shouldn't complain because it's better than b4......but still...compared to other countries...australia's broadband is shitty and bloody expensive....
by C_U
Oct 26th, '04, 01:11
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Seeders needed for CSotM!!! (now includes WSoTM!!!!)
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if there was an english sub req.... maybe someone can make seperate sub files and upload them...that'll probably get more ppl to dl and then help seed....just a suggestion... :P
by C_U
Oct 10th, '04, 09:23
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What languages do you know?
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Hrm lets see... 1.English (fluent in reading writing and speaking) 2.Teo chew (pretty much fluent..slowly losing my vocabulary)mother tougue language 3.Cambodian(understand fluently but speak with an accent and can't write) 4.Madarin (write/understand and speak enough to get by) 5.Cantonese,Vietname...