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by onaneagleswings
Jan 11th, '08, 11:04
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Topic: Kagami Mochi
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Kagami Mochi

Hello! I have a question about kagami mochi. I've done a bit of research online, and while I've found that it's supposed to be broken and eaten this weekend, nobody says how to eat it. I know I need to cook it, right? Do I put it in a soup while that cooks (though I mostly have microwavable miso pac...
by onaneagleswings
Jan 11th, '08, 10:59
Forum: D-Addicts Stuff
Topic: DramaWiki - Information Repository for Asian Dramas UPDATE
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I read the first few pages and the last few pages, so if this is in the middle somewhere, I apologize. Are there plans to eventually allow information about Asian movies in the wiki as well, or is there another website that does this? Often, I'll look at an actor's bio page and want to find out what...