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by trishee
Feb 21st, '06, 11:18
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Topic: All about Bi <3
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I read somewhere on twitch that Bi will be in Cyborg Girl and the female lead will not be Kang Hye Jung anymore.
Its Im Soo Jung of I'm Sorry I Love You now!!! I love her in that drama. :lol
by trishee
Feb 21st, '06, 10:56
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Topic: Palace / Goong (MBC, 2006)
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ooh I really want to download that ep 13 preview but I havent watched 11 and 12 yet. Dont wanna spoil it for myself. I can hardly wait for the subs for 11 and 12 to come out. I've been watching one episode everyday now I feel deprived. I really love this series...I love chaegyung's costumes...I some...