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by deedlit85
Jan 17th, '07, 16:49
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Topic: Se7en
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yea, me too! first time i saw him, the first thing i pay attention to were his lips!!!!! hes soooooo cool!!!! :wub:
by deedlit85
Jul 8th, '06, 09:57
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Topic: Japanese SoTW Poll (7/9/06) - Oishii Kankei
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my vote

my vote to Oishii Kankei

it sounds good!

by deedlit85
Jun 27th, '06, 18:29
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: KSOTM for July 2006: Delicious Proposal
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Delicious Proposal

Delicious Proposal!!! :cheers: with So Ji sub!!! hes sooooo cool!! :wub: and this kdrama I haven't seen it yet

Chu! ^_~