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by locasawa
Oct 9th, '06, 02:09
Forum: Travel
Topic: Going to Vietnam, Taiwan and HK next month
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Going to Vietnam, Taiwan and HK next month

any suggestions? thanks!
by locasawa
Jul 5th, '06, 02:05
Forum: International Community
Topic: Chinese D-Addicts
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ijust simply love movies/series! I'm kinda slow and just finished Bar Bender and will watch Forensic Heroes(???) now. As for Korean, I just finished My sister in law is 19 and Attic Cat. It's hard to find korean series in Cantonese dubbing. When I saw Attic Cat, i watched it in Korean but with POOR ...
by locasawa
Feb 13th, '06, 02:44
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [HKDrama] A Pillow Case Of Mystery (TVB, 2006)
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how many epi total? thanks