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by KevinNx
Jul 17th, '06, 01:14
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: MySPACE ... friends and community
Replies: 186
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by KevinNx
May 11th, '06, 04:53
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Guys Your Choice!!
Replies: 19
Views: 10661

im attracted to girls that have long hair....dont kno why..its always been like that..

its catchin.. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
by KevinNx
Apr 25th, '06, 05:03
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: If you can date one korean actor, who would it be?
Replies: 651
Views: 221175

u girls have fantasie...huh..well ill might as well join..too.. =D

me..umm... ill marry Liu Yi Fei. but ..then have a one night stand with Song Hye Kyo, Then play with Lee Da Hye...flirt with Shin Mina. =D HAHHAH!
by KevinNx
Apr 25th, '06, 04:57
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What's your MAJOR??
Replies: 372
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im studying to becoming a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency )

i dont kno...just something im interested. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
by KevinNx
Apr 22nd, '06, 06:46
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Goong VS My Girl VS Full House
Replies: 412
Views: 84205

Full House.. :D

My Girl = Suk

Goong = ok.

dont get me wrong..but i think goong is way better than my girl...
by KevinNx
Apr 2nd, '06, 07:31
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Replies: 300
Views: 200171

Lets go to School Sangdoo - 100
Full House - 100
A Love to Kil -l 100
Goong - 100
im sorry, i love you- 95
Sweet 18 - 50
My Girl 50
HEaven Tree - 40

:whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
by KevinNx
Apr 2nd, '06, 07:25
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Full House or My Girl ? (BASHA , AJAJA FIGHTING!)
Replies: 281
Views: 68404

IT IS WITHOUT A DOUBT....MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have seen FULL HOUSE and to be honest with you, it was NOTHING SPECIAL!! but MY GIRL have me laughing from beginning til end and it was super cute...FULL HOUSE was trying too hard to be funny plus, there were moments in there where i just wished the m...
by KevinNx
Apr 2nd, '06, 07:23
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Full House or My Girl ? (BASHA , AJAJA FIGHTING!)
Replies: 281
Views: 68404

FULL HOUSE.... :wub: :wub: :wub:

my girl wasnt that good..
by KevinNx
Mar 26th, '06, 06:44
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: How old are you?
Replies: 419
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im 19..yet i wanna b 16 agian =(...

i think im getting married in the summer too...yet only 19..:cry: