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by yamiazn
Apr 11th, '06, 06:25
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Japanese Music Recommendations
Replies: 404
Views: 230323

following are my personal favorites: M-flo: Let Go, I am Da 1, Dopaman?. So exclusive, taste your stuff, One Day, Miss You. My favorite jrap/jpop group Taku a genius verbal lyrically perfected. Also in love with their clothing label Bathing Ape Ayumi Hamasaki: Heaven, M, (miss)understood, Is this lo...
by yamiazn
Mar 24th, '06, 15:05
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Crystal Liu Yi Fei
Replies: 558
Views: 477030

Pretty only in ancient costume in my oppinion but she is very photogenic
by yamiazn
Feb 22nd, '06, 03:21
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: [Tutorial] How to Convert AVI to Standard DVD for TV
Replies: 725
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There is another way to do this by using nerovision but it not free =/
by yamiazn
Feb 22nd, '06, 03:12
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: Bittorent Client Recommendations
Replies: 347
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I started with Bitlord because I saw it on mininova but then I switch to alot of other clients but I came back to bitlord because it has all the function, the upload restriction on it works, you can set priority for files, resume is quite fast, I been using it for dling batch files and it been very ...