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by l3by_j3ss
Jan 24th, '07, 00:36
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Who do you think serves best as ariel lin's consort?
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Who do you think serves best as ariel lin's consort?

Ariel has acted with a number of actors that she appears quite compatible with..

by l3by_j3ss
Jan 23rd, '07, 23:26
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Your favourite chinese cute COUPLE!!!
Replies: 319
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taviaaa + ronnn
by l3by_j3ss
Jan 23rd, '07, 08:48
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Who is the prettiest Chinese actress?
Replies: 208
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there r a lot of pretti chinese actressesss

here r some other older actresses i tink r pretty that have not been mentioned:
by l3by_j3ss
Jan 23rd, '07, 08:30
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Post your pictures thread!!! Post them!
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ppl actualli posted their real pixxie..

should i?


[img]http://www.freewebtown.com/l3by_j3ss/Co ... e%2071.jpg[/img]
by l3by_j3ss
Jan 23rd, '07, 08:22
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: The Identification Thread for Celebrities
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mmm... this series came out in the 1990s, i recall watching it around 1997 or earlier i can onli recall bits and pieces of the movie setting: shanghai late 1800s to early 1900s the protangonist is the guy who i remember has a moustache =/ and he owns some kind of newspaper company he likes this lady...
by l3by_j3ss
Jan 23rd, '07, 05:11
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [CDrama] Legend Of The Condor Heroes (2007)
Replies: 214
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hmm... what char is nic tse palying?