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by JohnnyNismo
Aug 27th, '06, 00:02
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Topic: How do you watch your Dorama?
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I use TV-out with my Nvdia 7900GT...The sizing sucks though with the current driver revision so it stretches the image vertically a little. I want to get both a widescreen TV and LCD monitor for my computer so I can watch things as they are meant to be seen. .. hey HKGIRL, do you know of any encodin...
by JohnnyNismo
Aug 26th, '06, 23:57
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Topic: Can you tell asians apart?
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Japanese, Korean, and Chinese is unfair...

Japanese and Korean especially look similar in some ways due to hair and clothing styles. This test would have been more realistic if it threw in some VIETNAMESE and THAI...cant forget the South East AZNz....
by JohnnyNismo
Aug 11th, '06, 03:37
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Topic: What's your ethinicity??
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Views: 88398 definately OTHER on that list..

I'm a black guy from the USA...mixed with a lot of peoples...europeans and a couple native americans in the mix.
by JohnnyNismo
Aug 8th, '06, 21:33
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Topic: Interracial dating... your views?
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Im 100% for GENETIC DIVERSITY. Im considered to be a black person her in the USA but Im a mix of all kinds of crazy folk....Im mostly of African origin (which African country? ask the spanish slave ship ), then a full 25% Irish...the rest is Native American, Spanish, Italian and French (you know the...