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by HaPpYfAcE
May 4th, '08, 07:07
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [CDrama] Legend Of The Condor Heroes (2007)
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why did they dubbed her voice...? I don't get there something i'm missing?...
by HaPpYfAcE
Apr 16th, '08, 23:03
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: What's the worst korean drama you have seen?
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I actually don't have a one... maybe because if I see one that I think I might like and it turns out the first couple minutes are too boring... I forward to the ending... to see who turn out with whom.... that's it!!! but some of the ones people thought were bad.. to me were good.. like summer scent...
by HaPpYfAcE
Jan 15th, '08, 01:55
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] It Started With A Kiss 2 (CTS/GTV, 2007)
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y does everyone think that Xiang Xin is stupid... okay.. she is not in Class A... and some of the stuff that she does is a little wacky...and she doesn't catch on very quick... but i think she is more than a catch for cold-hearted Zhi Shu who is to my opinion..people... don't all yell at me... is pr...
by HaPpYfAcE
Oct 26th, '07, 03:24
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Delete post
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the way i see it... there's no point in another shot... It's better that u two broke up... I mean ...think about it... do u really want to date someone who's family has no respect for u and doesn't even treat u with common decently...u're boyfriend's brother doesn't seem to have any respect for ur b...
by HaPpYfAcE
Aug 14th, '07, 00:57
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Coffee Prince Number One Shop (MBC, 2007)
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by HaPpYfAcE
Feb 3rd, '07, 15:47
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: How do YOU feel TODAY?
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by HaPpYfAcE
Oct 26th, '06, 01:00
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
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I hope no one has ask this question but if someone did, i'm sorry... here goes... since people are asking, i was wondering if anyone know who sing the song or can give a link to the song in Green Rose... the one that one girl sang when she was working at the bar. Thanks!
by HaPpYfAcE
Apr 17th, '06, 03:33
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] It Started With A Kiss (CTV/GTV, 2005/2006)
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I love this series... yeah... sometimes i do wish that ariel's character would back off a little and let joe's character come to her because he would too....everytime she's not bugging him... he would go to her... nevertheless, i still love this series... to bad there isn't a DVD set with english su...
by HaPpYfAcE
Feb 3rd, '06, 05:17
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: Return of the condor heros (1998)
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can some please reseed this series,,, must have,,, i only need someone to seed from ep. 30 to 38... so please seed if u can... thank you... bye
by HaPpYfAcE
Jan 12th, '06, 16:56
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Most Romantic Movies You've Seen
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some kind of wonderfull, Full House (kdrama), Mr. Wonderful, Buddy 18-80 ( thai movie), springtime (kdrama), and th0se were the days (chinese) with louis koo and some other girl.