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by jacky321
Dec 5th, '15, 06:45
Forum: Travel
Topic: Travel pictures!
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Re: Travel pictures!

I recently came back from tour bus los angeles with my cousins. We enjoyed there a lot and see gorgeous images of it. We were spent 5-days there and captured many images of it. I think this is the best place for share them. I hope you will like them tell me about all the images. http://www.whenwetra...
by jacky321
Dec 5th, '15, 06:39
Forum: Travel
Topic: Pics of China
Replies: 26
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Re: Pics of China

I must say all of these images and looking very cool and attractive. I must say all of you had spent a great time here. I also love China and want to participate here in this topic. I am going to share some images where I want to go there in life. The images are; http://www.cnto.org/wp-content/uploa...
by jacky321
Dec 5th, '15, 06:25
Forum: Travel
Topic: Korea Trip
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Re: Korea Trip

These days, My cousins are planning to go Korea with his friend. He is very excited for it because he will be the first tour in his life. I have no idea about it but after come back my cousin I will share his experience with all of you. I also very excited to know about Korea. I hope he will spend a...
by jacky321
Dec 5th, '15, 06:18
Forum: Travel
Topic: Going to Taiwan
Replies: 27
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Re: Going to Taiwan

Well buddy, I have no idea about Taiwan and other things of it. After reading all posts, I can see that you had spent a great time here. I get lots of information in your posts. Being a tourist, I am thinking to go there in the future after finishing my los angeles to grand canyon tours . I am going...
by jacky321
Dec 4th, '15, 04:13
Forum: Travel
Topic: Denmark
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Re: Denmark

I want to go Denmark in the future. I am very happy to read all posts because I get lots of information about this country. I hope I will spend a great time here. I am sure I will see great wonderful and gorgeous places here.
by jacky321
Dec 4th, '15, 04:08
Forum: Travel
Topic: Japan pics, post your travel pics!
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Re: Japan pics, post your travel pics!

wooooow, All of these images are looking very cool and awesome. I visited this once time but I forget my Camera. I never captured my any images but I decide to go there again and must take it during my journey. I hope I also capture lots of image of Japan attractions. I am very excited for it.
by jacky321
Dec 4th, '15, 04:00
Forum: Travel
Topic: Hiroshima!
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Re: Hiroshima!

I have a little information about Hiroshima. I know all members have shared great information about it but I also want to share my obtained Information with all of you. This is the most famous and beautiful city in the world. The visitors believe that it is the modern city in Japan. My uncle visited...
by jacky321
Dec 4th, '15, 03:50
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Your Favorite Yatai experience
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Re: Your Favorite Yatai experience

Well Buddy, I have no ideal about Yatai but after reading your post I can see that it is a nice place for food lovers. I and my Childhood friend are big lover of food and I think this is an ideal place for me. After getting the great information, I am curious to go there in the next month. Can you t...
by jacky321
Dec 3rd, '15, 04:26
Forum: Travel
Topic: Where did you spend your vacations? ^^
Replies: 12
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Re: Where did you spend your vacations? ^^

Well buddies, I want to spend my vacation in happily and beautiful place. The Disneyland, Banff National Park and many other attractions are included in such kinds of places. I love nature places because these are represent the gorgeous views of Beauty. This winter I am thinking to go there NYC for ...
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:49
Forum: Travel
Topic: Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?
Replies: 9
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Re: Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?

Well Buddy, I am planning to go Japan next year with my friends. I am very excited to see new country for my travel interest. I heard much about Japan attractions and foods. It is also famous for food and wonderful attractions. I hope I will explore there lots of things which are according to my int...
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:43
Forum: Travel
Topic: What's your best and romantic vacation of all time?
Replies: 4
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Re: What's your best and romantic vacation of all time?

There are lots of my favorite romantic places in the world. I visited many places in the world and spent a great time here. Let me share some names of my favorite romantic destination. The names are;
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:40
Forum: Travel
Topic: Winter in NYC
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Winter in NYC

I want to see here some suggestion for winter season in NYC. I am thinking to go NYC this winter season with my whole family. I am little confused about the attractions of it for this season. I feel this community is perfect for taking about it. I hope all members can share with me own views about N...
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:35
Forum: Travel
Topic: New York
Replies: 44
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Re: New York

Anyone on this forum from New York? I've always wanted to visit and wonder what it's like. Jest2, I am not from New York but I visited this city as traveler. I must say this city is looking very gorgeous and best for tourist. I want to say your decision is right. You should go there without any pro...
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:25
Forum: Travel
Topic: Hong Kong or Paris?
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Re: Hong Kong or Paris?

I love Paris and like to visit this city all times. I also visited Hong Kong only one time but Paris is my favorite. This city is located in the heart of France. The attractions of it forcing to come here again and again. The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre Museum are my most favorite places. After read...
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:22
Forum: Travel
Topic: Travel to China
Replies: 10
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Re: Travel to China

I love all the images and very happy to see all of them. I heard much about China and its attractions. Travel to china is the best way to see the beauty of this country. The images are shoe the beauty of this country. I visited only Great Wall of China and had spent a great time here. I will try to ...
by jacky321
Dec 2nd, '15, 04:18
Forum: Travel
Topic: Tokyo in Winter
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Re: Tokyo in Winter

I must say it is really great idea to enjoy the winter season. I have no idea about winter vacation in Tokyo. AFter reading all posts, I am thinking to go there this season with my friends. I am very happy for it. I hope I will spend a nice time here.