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by Lonely Soldier Boy
Oct 30th, '06, 07:15
Forum: Travel
Topic: budget travelling to japan?
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I went from Montreal to most of Japan with about 2500-3000$.

Ticket: ~$1000
Train Pass: $700
Eating/Living: $50 / day (Possible, especially if you stay in Hostels)

Hit me up if you wanna know anything :cheers:
by Lonely Soldier Boy
Oct 30th, '06, 02:57
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: [Discussion] London Hearts Variety Show Summaries & Syno
Replies: 46
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http://www.ordisante.com/2006/10/29/an-explanation-of-asian-variety-shows.html I went ahead and explained one of the best London Hearts episodes this year in this small report I wrote (I think the episode is from March). I loved it but never had the time to write it out. Just got it done tonight :al...
by Lonely Soldier Boy
Jun 13th, '06, 19:29
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [Movie Discussion] CASSHERN
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I saw this and Devilman at the same time. Casshern was clearly the better of the two. It has a sense of style that is lacking in most Japanese films.

I found the story itself to be somewhat mediocre though.