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by lovelylil819
Apr 26th, '08, 08:10
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: CNN insulting Chinese people
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Re: CNN insulting Chinese people

Badboy Club wrote: Now CNN is facing a lawsuit of 1.6 billion dollars by 14 lawyers in Beijing, China

Haha..serve them right. :lol
by lovelylil819
Jan 14th, '06, 00:46
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Ns' Aoi (Nurse Aoi)
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Oh yeah! Luckily, I didn't delete the file 'cuz my comp is running out of space...I mean really OUT... Anyways, because my love for Satomi Ishihara, I kept it. :D Well, thank you to all guys are awesome! We fans really appreciate your work! Dancestar, I'm glad to hear that you're wo...
by lovelylil819
Jan 11th, '06, 06:07
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [UPLOAD INTENT] Komyo ga Tsuji - Eng hardsubbed
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That's an awesome plan! I've been downloading a lot of TV rip version and the quality is okay. Thanks for the hard work.

BTW, I can't seem to find the drama at DramaWiki...can you post a summary of the drama? Thanks in advance!
by lovelylil819
May 27th, '04, 06:50
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Topic: Korean Series of the Month (MAY)
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Is this e-sub?
by lovelylil819
May 27th, '04, 06:44
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Vote for June's KSOTM (Jem series have been removed)
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