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by runoshiona
Dec 6th, '05, 13:03
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Japanese Music Recommendations
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Re: Japanese Music Recommendations

Hi guys, I've recently started taking Japanese classes and i would like you to tell me where can i find j-music, if there is a place to download or a web page where i can buy Cd's and also give me some recommendations. I like ROCK but i also enjoy POP. Thanks. Well everyone suggestions are right on...
by runoshiona
Dec 6th, '05, 12:55
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Recommended Anime?
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Re: Recommended Anime?

I am new at this. So do not mind me asking such a noobie question. What do you recommend as the best anime there is? And where can I get it? So far, I already have Bleach and Naruto. Know any others? You probably have soo many suggestions by now but i just wanna put my 2cents in O_o the best way to...