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by VyVy
Jan 22nd, '07, 22:15
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Topic: How many language do you speak?
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My mother tongue is vietnamese. I live in Montreal where most people are bilingual (french & english). i'm working in the Pulp and Paper business. Most of my customers are in the States and the paper mill that we're dealing, most of the employees speak French. I can swicth easily English to French o...
by VyVy
Mar 29th, '06, 01:17
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Topic: What's your MAJOR??
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I graduated 9 nine yrs ago:
Major in Sociology
Bs Social Sciences (Social worker)
But since graduation, I never had a chance to work as Social Worker. I end up working in marketing dept for a paper company. That's life!
by VyVy
Mar 4th, '06, 22:44
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Topic: Are you in love or not at all?
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He was my fisrt love,first boyfriend. I met him at 16 yrs. We started to date 2 years later. After 14 years and two kids later, I'm still in love wih him. I'm hoping that everyone will find their half like I do.
by VyVy
Mar 3rd, '06, 01:38
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Topic: How old are you?
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Hello, I'm 31 yrs old, a proud mother of two: a 7 1/2 yrs old boy and a 19 months old baby girl.
by VyVy
Feb 21st, '06, 16:15
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Topic: What languages do you know?
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I can speak and write (fluently): French, English and Vietnamese