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by Smillina88
Jul 3rd, '07, 02:01
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Topic: For Japanese Fashion Magazines Fans: Free Downloadable Mags!
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Wow!! Thanks a lot!
Mh...perhaps do you know any site like this where you can find those magazines with those cute hairstyles that tell you how to do them? I think one of the magazines was called cutie...
by Smillina88
Apr 16th, '06, 21:34
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Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
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can someone tell me the name of that french song from the drama "my girl"? it's not in the ost and its a lady that sings was the song that always played when gong-chan's aunt and ajjushi had like a romantic-like scene together. This song is also played when gon-chan's aunt is watching a rom...