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by ChaleChangZambarau
Aug 12th, '18, 03:32
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Topic: Top 5 most underrated jdramas
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Re: Top 5 most underrated jdramas

With Love
Lady Joker
Atami no Sousahan
Ashita Kita no Yoshio
Zettai Kareshi
by ChaleChangZambarau
Jun 12th, '17, 02:04
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] ANDO-LLOYD: ~A.I. Knows Love?~
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Re: [Discussion] ANDO-LLOYD: ~A.I. Knows Love?~

I loved this drama. I dig sci-fi so the synopsis along with the leads drew me in and the episodes kept my interest. 8)
by ChaleChangZambarau
Jun 11th, '17, 07:05
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Topic: [Discussion] Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu / Kintori Season 01+ SP
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Re: [Discussion] Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu / Kintori Season 01+ SP

I liked the first season and am trying to watch the SP before going on to the second season. This show is definitely good and has some of my favorite actors/actresses in it too. :mrgreen:
by ChaleChangZambarau
Jun 24th, '15, 01:23
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Topic: Jdrama about sisterhood/sister and brother
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Re: Jdrama about sisterhood/sister and brother

First Kiss has a older brother younger sister relationship in it and is also a romance/comedy dorama is from 2007.
by ChaleChangZambarau
Apr 19th, '15, 06:23
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Topic: Filming Locations of Jdramas
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Re: Filming Locations of Jdramas

Bomb thread!! Great information about the places in doramas. Thanks all.
by ChaleChangZambarau
Apr 19th, '15, 06:09
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Topic: [Discussion] Suteki na Sen Taxi
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Re: [Discussion] Suteki na Sen Taxi

The cooking class is soo funny. I am watching this dorama and I really like it. The different situations and outcomes keep me interested. Also Takenouchi Yutaka was in the first dorama I ever watched and I have been watching his doramas since then so I might be biased...but this dorama got a holla f...