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by hek
Jul 26th, '13, 08:29
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Topic: Vote for BEST KISSING scenes in Kdramas
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Coffee prince
Secret Garden
I need romance (if you wanna see Gu papa kind of shirtless and smiling very cute I recommend :D )
by hek
Jul 26th, '13, 08:21
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Topic: When A Man Loves (MBC, 2013)
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bad drama, or in the best case, frustrating. it's all I can say. really don't recommend it.
by hek
Jul 26th, '13, 08:19
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Topic: What kdrama are you currently watching? (Part 2)
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Finished Dating Agency Cyrano - nice drama, lovely and cheesy love stories, but the age difference a little bit too much for me (Is the female lead an idol? how come she is sooo damn skinny?) . also in the last episodes lost it's flavour but I guess it couldn't be done different. Now I'm watching Le...
by hek
Jul 26th, '13, 08:13
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Topic: Wind Blows in The Winter (SBS 2013)
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I really loved this drama. After watching the end, I never regret starting it. Really, the cast was almost perfect, it didn't feel like a regular drama and also the shots were like a movie in every episode. I guess everyone has different taste but it kept wide awake and interested every week without...