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by dqt785
Nov 23rd, '14, 16:48
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Topic: Setting up a new torrent site. Who is willing to help? (take 1) [DISCONTINUED]
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My external hard drive is suffering from bad sectors so I won't be able to upload those dramas on it. My bandwidth is pretty good so I can help seeding as much as people need to. Just need a tracker. I also have a pretty good seeding ratio at asiantorrent so if there is something missing, I guess I ...
by dqt785
Jan 23rd, '14, 14:50
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Strawberry Night
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Just want to let you guys know the sub for the movie is finally out. You can grab it from eric paroissien's site. It is timed based on the dvdrip version but it worked with 720p bluray ripped, at least for me. As for the movie, I think it's very excellent. I definitely think Makita is better suited ...
by dqt785
Apr 21st, '13, 12:39
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Topic: [Discussion] Last Cinderella
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I really liked the insert song so I did a quick research and found it's "Last love" by Rihwa. The single is due June 5th (OMGGG). So if anyone is interested in that insert song, you know what to look for ;).