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by Rysuke
Sep 24th, '05, 20:21
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Now that Densha drew the curtain... here's a poll!
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yeah... leave this dorama alone... I dont want it ruined by Hollywood casue the remakes they produce sucks badly
by Rysuke
Sep 24th, '05, 20:13
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Densha Otoko
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I enjoyed this drama very much and this drama is alrady one of my favourites all time cause its funny and sad. Well done Densha-san :cry: 'A`)ノシ(^3^)ヽ('A`)ノシヽ('A`)ノシ(×_×)( ´ー`) ヽ('A`)ノシヽ('A`)ノシヽ('A`)ノシ(^3^)(ノД`)ノシ ヽ('A`)ノシ                                            ヽ('A`)ノシ ( ´ー`)  電 車 男 、 エ ル メ ス あ...