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by KimiToDeatta
Oct 29th, '13, 12:14
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Topic: [Discussion] ANDO-LLOYD: ~A.I. Knows Love?~
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I wonder why they let a top star do the stunts in any drama or movie. I guess it's quicker and saves some money but now that Kimura has been injured he has to recover which is a very expensive downtime. He had slight concussion and facial scratches. Not good for the leading man. Really? When did th...
by KimiToDeatta
Aug 15th, '13, 01:31
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Topic: Kimura Takuya
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I just heard about his new drama but I couldn't find any details online, thanks for the summary ^^
It sounds a bit weird but it could be interesting, we'll see... I'm looking forward to watching it anyway!
by KimiToDeatta
Feb 17th, '13, 23:21
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Topic: [Discussion] Yae no Sakura
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I know that UTB18.2 in California will broadcast it. They're currently on ep 48 of Kiyomori so nearly there.. Hopefully someone will be able to grab it? They updated the website and it says the first episode (with English subs!) will air on Feb 23rd! I hope some...