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by DoramasORB
Nov 4th, '17, 09:51
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Topic: What happened to Jdramacity?
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Re: What happened to Jdramacity?

First I would like to thank furransu for all those years, you were of great help! As for my sugestion for new source of raws, I think we could try to use these 2 options (besides nyaa): To download >> Streaming (but you will need to know the name of the drama in japanese) >> http:/...
by DoramasORB
Jan 27th, '15, 00:36
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Topic: [Discussion] Trick (All Seasons + Special)
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Re: [Discussion] Trick (All Seasons + Special)

I don't really understand the doubts. Like it was said on the comment above, it is pretty clear that she has survived the explosion falling down the platform just like the first magic trick on this movie that she performed. And, I don't know if you all of guys saw the scene after the credits, but sh...
by DoramasORB
Jan 21st, '15, 23:36
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Topic: [Discussion] Suteki na Sen Taxi
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Re: [Discussion] Suteki na Sen Taxi

I started to watch recently because there were a lot of good actors/actresses that I like making appearances and I was also curious about the theme... But I didn't expect to be so good. I am not finished yet but it seems to me that was one of the best dramas in the last season. Very good!
by DoramasORB
Dec 3rd, '14, 09:22
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Topic: [Survey] Your Best J-dramas: Ranked! (Update #17)
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If I have to say only 3, those would be:
#1-Long Vacation;
#2-Furuhata Ninzaburo;
#3-Dr. Koto Shinryoujo.

But the following also deserves to be mentioned, after all only 3 is really hard:
5-Hakusen Nagashi;
6-Yamato Nadeshiko;
7-Kekkon Dekinai otoko;
8-Orange Days.
by DoramasORB
Nov 7th, '14, 12:02
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Topic: [Discussion] Trick (All Seasons + Special)
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I really want to thank you for your hard work. I was afraid we couldn't see the real end of this awesome series so soon... By the way, the end of the movie is by far the best part...imho.....really nostalgic.... Now, I agree that would be nice if somebody could sub the second season of yabe kenzo, t...
by DoramasORB
Feb 6th, '14, 11:48
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Topic: [Discussion] Best opening for a J-Drama
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I agree that both Asunaro hakusho and Tokyo Love story are great, but my favorite is:
Wakamono no subete:

After all , "Tomorrow Never Knows" by Mr. Children is incredible!