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by peanutsfuji
Mar 26th, '06, 02:27
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What's your MAJOR??
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Computer Engineering here. Anybody majoring in "women's studies"? I know a couple of guys who plan to spend the rest of their lives studying women.
by peanutsfuji
Nov 18th, '05, 00:54
Forum: International Community
Topic: Bay Area D-Addicts?
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Hahahahahaha... learning Chinese hasn't helped me at all with watching Chinese dramas. Without fansubs, they still talk too fast!!! IN any case, I'm from San Jose.
by peanutsfuji
Nov 15th, '05, 07:33
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Are you in love or not at all?
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~Dont fall in love if you're not ready to get hurt~

Hahahahaha... I learned that the HARD way... 4 years and BAM. lol...