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by aofd3
Sep 16th, '12, 21:58
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Topic: Rare Toku Trade
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Rare Toku Trade

Hey there, iam looking for a trade partner, who also loves old rare tokusatsu and japanese shows from the 50s - 80s I have lots of stuff to share but some shows are missing also for me ! When you are a toku "hunter" just write into this topic or sent me a message =D I really would like to hear of so...
by aofd3
Aug 6th, '12, 10:37
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: [Tutorial] OpenNap and Utatane
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Have a problem =( I can download files from other users When someone try to get one of my files they cant download it... In Xfer in the upload screen they try to connect "Linking..." and after a time its "Time out" I open all ports, set all right (i think) It costs me now some hours but i rly cant g...
by aofd3
Aug 5th, '12, 20:05
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: [Tutorial] Share (p2p application)
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Hi, i setup all the options like in the tutorial. But when i enter a triggers and add them, nothing happens. I open the port, i add lots of nodes and all the stuff in the tutorial. But nothing comes to my DB, i can type any word in the tiggers, nothing happens Can someone help me maybe ? Edit: After...