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by rayner
Jan 2nd, '07, 14:24
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Topic: Sawajiri Erika
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Yea i started liking her after 1LOT, she is pretty cute in the early episodes of the show, and in Taiyou no uta, I feel this sudden change in her, she is more feminine and hot in this show...

P.S can someone seed the episodes of taiyou no uta... :P
by rayner
Sep 1st, '05, 05:14
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: (AF) Dae Jang Geum - 3 Volumes (Complete)
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erm, just to ask, is it that the volume 1 which i am downloading does not come with any subtitles?...i have to download something else to get the subtitles? And I have to download this OGM Codec pack to play the videos? One more last question, I have to wait for the whole 6.13Gb to download finsih b...