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by Sunshinegirl
Mar 15th, '12, 15:58
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I am watching Japanese current dramas Risou no Musuko, Hayami-san to Yabareru Hi the most. I like Rusou no Musko is crazy and funny. It reminds me of One Pound Gospel for funny and how the story goes kind of. Hayami-san is very nice family show so kind of slow but keep me interested to watch every e...
by Sunshinegirl
Mar 15th, '12, 00:27
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: <3 Fahrenheit~~Fei Lun Hai
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Nice to see people still love Fei Lun Hai! Jiro is always my #1 choice but Aaron :wub: too. But I don't forget Calvin and Wu Chun even if Chun is off to make movies :-( Fei Lun Hai will always be special, wonderful group. :thumright:
by Sunshinegirl
Mar 12th, '12, 01:52
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Legal High
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Hi Sorvaseven! I am going to give this show a chance. I think Sakai Masato and Gakky will be interesting combination. Also, some nice other cast too, like Koike Eiko. I don't know what role Namase has but even when he is a joker in other roles, he works ok for me. So hopefully he will fit just right...
by Sunshinegirl
Mar 7th, '12, 01:57
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Topic: [Discussion] Renai NEET (Nakama Yukie)
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I find myself getting really frustrated at this show. Seirin, I agree with you, Rin irritated me a lot. Shunpei ~~ arghhhhh! :cussing: he is just so irritating too and it frustrates me that Rin lets him meddle. I wasn't thrilled with Matsumoto at first but he seems to be a really good guy. :sweat: A...