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by Iamnothingwomusic
Nov 7th, '12, 05:44
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Topic: Who's the most innocent looking actor?
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Lee Hyun Woo. The type that can not lie, can not angry, believe everyone is kind and pure. Look at that eyes. I worry him. Im Siwan. He's smart. But I think many people has take advantage on him. He looks like one. Yoon Shi Yoon. I don't know. Just my thought. Kim Soo Ro. You'll know. His wife is hi...
by Iamnothingwomusic
Nov 7th, '12, 05:11
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
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1. Hyun Bin He has a good character, and he has that sad eyes. He got that handsome look, and I like his voice. He's a good actor and he's humble. He's extremely good at crying and he could act many different character. He's stay with his family and he has many friends. His friends love him and prai...