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Dec 16th, '11, 10:51
Forum: Travel
Topic: Video I made about my trip to Japan
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Awesome!!!!! Love it~~~~~~ Especially,the neko part!! And the music was as one of the commenters said 'very relaxing'. But you shoulda feature restaurants or some food or something(food is one of best things in Japan,ain't it?) but other than that,everything is fine~~~ (^-^)
Nov 27th, '11, 14:55
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Things I noticed from Jdramas.
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1) they LUV IBM laptops 2) a fairly large number of characters in jdoramas seem to be employed in advertising Heh....I've noticed that this was posted 5 years ago but .. I can't help but ask... which dorama did you notice that they own IBM laptop? I haven't seen much dorama but I've noticed that th...