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by Miss1Potato
Nov 8th, '11, 19:23
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Topic: [Discussion] Youkai Ningen Bem (Kamenashi Kazuya, Anne)
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well, as kate666 predicted, episode 3 was a tear-fest. I really, REALLY love the subtle messages here, maybe I read too much into it but there are some really beautiful messages about acceptance, being "human" and compassion in this show. Acting-wise, Kame, Fuku-kun and Anne are blowing me away. I n...
by Miss1Potato
Nov 6th, '11, 10:38
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Topic: SMAP fans out there, PLEASE JOIN!
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SMAP drama suggestions

@moustachegai ~ your avvy totally cracks me up. I am a mega Gai fan :salut: I don't know if you're still looking for SMAP dramas but here are a few suggestions Tsuyopon (I am also partial to him) :wub: Food Fight (cute, silly show probably my fave with him) Narita Rikon (cute romantic/divorce comedy...