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by i_fotted
Aug 19th, '05, 05:48
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Best Korean On Screen Kiss In a K-Drama.. and the Worst!!
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In Full House, which kissing scence are you guys refering to? The one at the end of episode 1 where he kissed her just out of agression? or the one at the end? They were both bad I guess but the first one was not supposed to be affectionate because there is no love, but the second one I was hoping i...
by i_fotted
Aug 12th, '05, 19:47
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: RECOMMENDED/FAVORITE KDRAMAS (ask for suggestions here)
Replies: 3570
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I recomend

Am I the only person that likes Her House? I like it so much and no one has mentioned it so far.

I also like:
All about Eve
Stairway to Heaven
Success story of a bright girl
Jewel in the Palace
Glass Shoe
4 sister

Currently watching Dating Now, Full House, Endless Love.
by i_fotted
Aug 10th, '05, 07:54
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Best looking Korean Women
Replies: 516
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Chae Rim

Chae Rim is my favorite, i abousolutely love her cause she is so adorable.