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by nlayhua
Jun 8th, '06, 09:12
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Topic: [Discussion] Oishii Puropozu
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OMG~they kiss end of episode 7 :mrgreen: He got jealous that she may patch up with her ex-boyfriend and they ended kissing
s sweet. He keep on saying he don't like loud woman but he don't know why he likes her? haha..that's the power of love..
by nlayhua
Dec 27th, '05, 03:11
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Topic: FREE Streaming Chinese TV
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Watch streaming channels online

Hi, i would like to recommend this website that can watch tvb series, game tv, channel V, ESPN, HBO etc..The website is in chinese. You need to install a software. It is like P2P like pplive. website: install software need window playe...
by nlayhua
Dec 24th, '05, 14:33
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
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I addicted to tvb series now, recommend: The last breakthrough - Great cast and it is rare to film a series about 'life force'. Very refreshing storyline. They film in africa and guangzhou..really nice scenary, especially the scenes about birds flying. I wonder how they film it is so real when they ...
by nlayhua
Dec 24th, '05, 14:17
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Topic: Smoke flowers of March (chinese drama)
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i do not like Devil beside you it was great at the first 4 epis but later on it is kinda boring i prefer ISWAK than it the old style drama are ok but the way they talk make me wanna laugh and the kungfu thing is lack realism but the series " War of in-laws " i really like that style of it oh that h...
by nlayhua
Dec 23rd, '05, 14:21
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Topic: [SgDrama] Love Concierge (TCS, 2005)
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This drama is good better than rainbow connection. Jacelyn tay and thomas ong look nice as couples.
by nlayhua
Dec 15th, '05, 14:22
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i used to like k-drama but i lost interest now. I gave up half way watching 'a love to kill' because i found myself yawning while watching. I'm switching to hongkong drama now more fast-pace. Hongkong drama has more themes like uniform group, fireman, policeman, detective, doctors, nurses, pilots, u...
by nlayhua
Dec 4th, '05, 14:14
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Topic: Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion
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Gny wrote:I've been waiting forever to see this series! When is it coming out? (I love all the actors and actresses in it)
I think this series will be showing after always ready. Hope they don't postponed again?