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by Avalokita
Jan 10th, '13, 17:11
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Topic: [Discussion] Yae no Sakura
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I can watch most dramas without subtitles and understand basically everything, but this one is different. Their language is beyond my Japanese capabilities.

I really hope someone provides subtitles.
by Avalokita
Sep 14th, '12, 14:27
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Rich Man Poor Woman
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BUT, when someone is leaving or "flying out", then one of the stars is running to the airport instead of just using the cell phone. Cell phones are just not as dramatic as running through an airport. Yeah! It's ridiculous that Tokyo is such a huge city but when someone really has to hurry to get so...
by Avalokita
Feb 26th, '12, 19:48
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Topic: [Discussion] Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi
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arakira wrote:Haha or maybe I'm growing old, I enjoy a story bout people in their 40ies with their peculiarities and old hurts and complexes etc much more than a cliched romance flick bout college love.
I feel the same. Especially high school dramas seem less and less interesting each passing year.
by Avalokita
Nov 5th, '11, 17:37
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Topic: [Discussion] Kaseifu no Mita (Matsushima Nanako)
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The father is not a typical jdrama character at all. This makes this drama very interesting.

He is seriously f**d up.
by Avalokita
May 5th, '11, 19:54
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Topic: [Discussion] REBOUND Starring Saki Aibu and Hayami
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The end of ep02 was a nice surprise - something unexpected! This drama is going to get interesting.