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by chihiro0103
Sep 24th, '11, 00:27
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Topic: [Discussion] Ikemen desu ne
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I pretty much agree with everything the others said about it above me. Of course it's not a masterpiece lol.You shouldn't expect such a thing, but I got surprised with myself that I got addicted to it after I stumbled upon ep2 or 3 don't remember which, while I was waiting for a show on TBS. I didn'...
by chihiro0103
Aug 29th, '11, 20:20
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Game] What Jdrama is This?
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Nobuta wo Produce? Just because that is a "buta" in the picture lol XD
by chihiro0103
Apr 18th, '11, 21:21
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Topic: So.. What was the first drama you watched??
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Nobuta was cute and made me fall for Yamapi XD Mine was Hana yori dango. I watched it cause I had read the manga before, but I liked it so I got into J-Drama.
by chihiro0103
Mar 29th, '11, 21:24
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Topic: Top 5 most overrated jdramas of all time
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NwP was ok I guess, doesn't need much brain to say so,it's pretty light. But what I wanted to say it's about Yamanade. This drama was exactly like the manga, just the ending was different. I know the plot is pointless and exaggerated, but I'd blame it on the manga, since I think the acting was prett...