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by mackan
Oct 12th, '06, 12:47
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: [Discussion] Ainori/Love Wagon Reality Show (Summaries)
Replies: 371
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ryobreak wrote:It's now thursday and even at the latest they usually appear wednesday so- anyone know where this week's ainori is?
yeah, where are my ainori episodes?!??!?!? I'm addicted!! I need them
by mackan
Jul 9th, '05, 16:42
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: [Discussion] London Hearts Variety Show Summaries & Syno
Replies: 46
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London Hearts break?

Let me start out by thanking the guy who's been uploading all the London Hearts batches. Thanks a bunch for giving us all the oppurtunity to watch this extremely funny show. Only problem is, I'm now addicted to the show but there hasn't been any new releases for the last 2(?) weeks. Does anybody kno...