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by sacrificehouse
Jul 22nd, '05, 05:42
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Topic: Lee Dong Gun = robotic acting.
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tikleabubble wrote:wow, I can't believe someone hasn't disagreed with this topic yet, I got a ton of sh*t when I pointed out that Bi couldn't sing, lmao.
I think LDG fans are just good-natured.

I'm not a big fan of LDG but I prefer him to Rain by a mile.
by sacrificehouse
Jul 22nd, '05, 05:01
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Topic: Hot Korean Guys
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theedqueen wrote:This thread needs more Kim Sung Soo

Yeah, he's hot, but his artsy movie Sweet Sex and Love was too graphic. I wonder if he regrets having made that movie.

Too bad. I really liked him in Full House.
by sacrificehouse
Jul 5th, '05, 17:16
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Topic: Who's Your Favorite KDRAMA Male Lead?
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Jang Dong Gun and

Jo Insung

Great Actors!
by sacrificehouse
Jul 5th, '05, 16:56
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We highly recommend: Zhan Shen Mars (the only Taiwan drama we like...but our favorite asian drama so far) Great Story, Script, Acting, Cinematography, Editing, and soundtrack ... there's not an episode wasted -- (warning, it deals with dark psychological themes) We also recommend: Lovers in Paris .....