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by CdMe
Jun 4th, '06, 12:11
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Post your pictures thread!!! Post them!
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Here is my pic, taken with my phone camera. (quality is so-so :unsure: ) I'm 20 and single, not looking for a relationship but I'm looking for friends although. So if you want to chat and know more about me pm me and I will send you my msn. I'm interested a lot in learning about asian culture. Myse...
by CdMe
May 17th, '06, 12:54
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: soft subs vs hard subs - which do you prefer
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I thought it would be more obvious that soft-subs rules!
But ignorant me, I didn't think of the people only using their dvd-players.
by CdMe
May 17th, '06, 12:49
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Why did you come to D-Addicts?
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d-addicts was always mentioned in other jdorama forums etc but it did take some months until I finally understood the way of downloading (torrents) :mrgreen: