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by my_valentine
Sep 1st, '05, 05:11
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [Sad] Korean Dramas That Had Made You Cry, or close to cryin
Replies: 293
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I would say that Stairway to Heaven is the saddest korean drama that I had ever seen....I think I cried from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie...it is just to sad and so unfair for the 2 main character...I seriously I don't get what is the writter thinking letting her died like that...
by my_valentine
Sep 1st, '05, 04:55
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Best Korean On Screen Kiss In a K-Drama.. and the Worst!!
Replies: 106
Views: 39859

I do have to agree that most of kdrama don't have alot of kissing scene and even when they kiss there seem to be awkwardness in their kiss...I noticing this with the first movie that I watch which is when Jong Dong Gun and Chae Rim kissed at the end of the movie... but I guess it is not really surpr...
by my_valentine
Sep 1st, '05, 04:42
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Chae Rim world (News, Pic, Wallpaper, MV, CF etc)
Replies: 47
Views: 67771

oh wow thanks every one for sharing those beautiful pictures....I hope to see her new k-drama soon
by my_valentine
Jul 18th, '05, 04:14
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: What is your favorite Kmovie?
Replies: 226
Views: 74604

I don't think I have watching any of this movies but my all time favourite is "All About Eve"
by my_valentine
Jul 18th, '05, 04:02
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Wonderful Life (MBC, 2005)
Replies: 194
Views: 49019

wow this serie look good...I hope I got to watch it soon because I am in the process of dl it and I hope it won't make me regret of downloading it
by my_valentine
Jul 18th, '05, 03:58
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: RECOMMENDED/FAVORITE KDRAMAS (ask for suggestions here)
Replies: 3570
Views: 1315372

my all time favourite "ALL ABOUT EVE"....I'm strongly reccommended to anyone that is new to watching korean movie....eventhough this serie is a little old but it is the best....Other series like Attic Cat or Sweet 18 will make your day...
by my_valentine
Jul 18th, '05, 01:09
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Lee Dong Gun = robotic acting.
Replies: 62
Views: 26492

I have to disagree with you...I think his acting SKILL is great and I think he is cute
by my_valentine
Jul 17th, '05, 04:22
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Hot Korean Guys
Replies: 882
Views: 599302

WOWOW I think all this men have one thing in common that is the word "H.O.T"
by my_valentine
Jul 17th, '05, 04:12
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [KDrama Previews] UPDATED... finally
Replies: 142
Views: 126878

wow all of those series seem very interesting....I can't wait for them to come out