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by azzwipe
Apr 1st, '06, 09:44
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Buying Jdramas From Sensasian?
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Buying Jdramas From Sensasian?

I've never used before, but I was wondering how the quality of their cheap jdramas is?
Because unlike the Japanese expensive versions these actually contains English subs!


It just sounds way too cheap. Are they bootlegs?
by azzwipe
Mar 30th, '06, 21:04
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [Movie Discussion] Saikano Live Action Movie
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Does anybody know if the DVD will have English subs?

Anyway thanks for letting us know about the movie. The anime version was the first anime I ever watched so it's kinda special to me.. and the trailer looks awesome!

Wow, I'm so excited :D
by azzwipe
Mar 7th, '06, 01:11
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Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
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I'm looking for:

Niji ~'03 Synchronized Mix~ (Performance version) ft. Biston Nishizawa by Fukuyama masaharu.

Please :cry:
by azzwipe
Jul 26th, '05, 01:06
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Topic: Age / How Old Are You?
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I'm 18. An adult I guess.. according to society that is.
by azzwipe
Jul 25th, '05, 20:39
Forum: D-Addicts Stuff
Topic: Should it be "WikiDrama" or "DramaWiki"
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At first I liked WikiDrama better but now I've read the first post I'm totally for DramaWiki. Makes more sense and still sounds good.
by azzwipe
Jul 20th, '05, 12:28
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Topic: Bittorent Client Recommendations
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I started out using the official client. Didn't take me long to try something else. Then I tried ABC and it was pretty good for a while. Then Azureus which I liked, but somehow my downloads were very slow or rather I was hardly downloading anything at all. Switched to Bitcomet and haven't looked bac...
by azzwipe
Jul 17th, '05, 21:37
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Here's the j-dramas that I love the most [random order]: 1. Strawberry on the shortcake WOW. Just wow. This show was so meant for me, lol. I could connect so well with Manato and the things he was going through. The characters and everything just seemed to fit perfectly with my own life. So I guess ...
by azzwipe
Jul 16th, '05, 23:52
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Topic: The D-Addicts Birthday Thread
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I turned 18 June 3rd. A bit scary in a way since you're considered an adult then. I don't feel like one at all though... at all. Oh well I don't like to think about it too much :P
by azzwipe
Jul 4th, '05, 22:04
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
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I have no idea where to get the song called Niji by Fukuyama Masaharu, but I don't mean the original one. I mean the one that plays in the final episode of Waterboys 1 during the performance. It's a remixed version that's all I really know.

Anyone? :-)