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by woody2010
Dec 17th, '10, 12:13
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Topic: encoding question and google
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encoding question and google

Hi. I wonder if it is possible to take the .srt file with Japanese subs and save it as a web page and then open in in Chrome and have google translate it automatically. I have done similar things before but it does not seem to work on these files. I think it is an encoding issue but I don't know how...
by woody2010
Nov 17th, '10, 10:45
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: recomendations for how to burn to dvd
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recomendations for how to burn to dvd

Hi. can anyone suggest the easiest way to burn an avi file or mp4 or the other formats of the videos to a dvd. I want to be able to burn ones that are hard subbed and ones that are soft subbed.