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by olympie
Oct 5th, '11, 22:47
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Topic: [Discussion] Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro
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I've found transport stream (.ts) of all episodes and decide to encode them in 720p so if some people are interested in can upload a torrent here on d-addict ^^
by olympie
Oct 1st, '11, 12:44
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Topic: soft subs vs hard subs - which do you prefer
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Why is that? I work with Heiwa Fansubs, and our hardsubs are always smaller than the original raws. Look at anything we've done, such as Magerarenai Onna. The final encoded softsubs are typically 1/3 smaller than the raws. I have no technical explanation why is that. Just have observed it with the ...