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by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:52
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Topic: Theme Song Thread
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Helloo~ Looked through the whole thread and searched for torrents (I swear I even looked from Google) But I can't find the opening and ending themes for Rocket Boys ;___; The opening: Naino? by Bianco Nero (there seems to be a torrent but no seeders... x[ ) The ending: Kiseki ~Rocket Boys~ by T.P.O...
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:50
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [Movie Discussion] Crows Zero
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i love yamada takayuki as serizawa tamao!! he did a great job with his acting and i was so hoping he will win in the fight with genji. how sad.
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:35
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Topic: [Discussion] ROOKIES
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i re-watched this drama again and i am so loving it!
the story, the cast and everything. it's one of the best in 2008 and i think the cast deserve an applause for the great acting lol.

*needs to watch the movie now*
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:30
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Topic: Miura Haruma
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i was impressed by his performance in samurai high school!!
he pulled off both the characters very well though, not to mention he is hot.
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:26
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Topic: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??
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this is an awesome thread. horikita maki i was re-watching hanakimi just yesterday and i think i have to rate zero for her acting. even her smiles look so fake. nagasawa masami same problem, cannot act and she is very annoying. aragaki yui i used to like her though, but lately i think she cannot act...
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:11
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Topic: Kimura Takuya
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^ i am rooting for a HERO season 2!!
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:06
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Topic: Yamada Takayuki
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vivilp182 wrote:Thanks for the link! :D

Does anybody know where I can get the OST for Crows Zero I or II, o both?
i have the soundtrack. if you still need them, let me know and i will be glad to upload.
by mrs_chiba
Feb 17th, '10, 07:03
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Topic: Kaname Jun
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i like this guy! i think he can act pretty well although he has non-leading roles most of the time.

i didn't know he was in GOOD LUCK!