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by nagashi
Sep 23rd, '07, 02:21
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Who's watching Filipino dramas?
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I'm not watching any, but this is only because I've never been recommended one. Is there a good one on d-addicts with english subs (hard or soft) that would be a good one to start on? I'd be very interested!
by nagashi
Sep 24th, '06, 16:54
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: will you marry someone with different religion
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Personally, I'd have trouble marrying someone with ANY relgion XDD

I'm very very anti-religious ^^;;;
by nagashi
Feb 1st, '06, 18:12
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Meet new friends, future gf/bf here
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The biggest problem really is finding people near me. I don't think I could go out with someone who wasn't a huge manga/dorama fan, and there are very few near me (25/m/usa, michigan). I go to many anime conventions and sometimes meet dorama fans there, but they're always at least 320km/220miles awa...