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by ichimarugin2009
Jul 28th, '10, 02:07
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On wednesday... New Drama (KTV-Heaven's Rock On July 14.2010 Episode ) Please!
by ichimarugin2009
Jul 25th, '10, 23:40
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Hi... I can ask you a question... I haven't found... on drama.. We're have new Episode of called KTV- "Heaven's Rock"??? if you can 1~8 episodes? Can you uploading a video?? thanks PS: Let me know.....:)
by ichimarugin2009
Jul 24th, '10, 04:40
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KTV-Heaven's Rock (Episode 1-3)

Hi.. This is Marianne.. I would tell you.. about it somebody has uploading a video.. and it was nothing.. and make be sure.. possible... We're have new episode of ヘヴンズ・ロック Heaven's Rock .... Drama.. Official Site: and new clip :