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by kagi88
Feb 14th, '16, 12:58
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Dramas about food/places?
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Re: Dramas about food/places?

nyaa has 'BEGIN Japanology', and 'Japanology Plus'.
by kagi88
Nov 26th, '14, 15:06
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Topic: Setting up a new torrent site. Who is willing to help? (take 1) [DISCONTINUED]
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Same here... I really need to buy new HDD !!! Things will be more even better if Heiwa, Sars, TLS and Querbeet willing to reup their releases :w00t: :wub: Maybe this hard drive can hold your dramas?: 10TB Helium Filled Hard Drive
by kagi88
May 1st, '14, 22:37
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Topic: BEGIN Japanology
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I guess I will have to DL VLC then, I have been using Media Player Classic, and for the life of me I cant find a way to switch the channel. I will try what you suggested DragonSpikeXIII, Thanks for your help. In Media Player Classic, you can try: Options > Audio Switcher > Enable custom channel map...
by kagi88
Jul 6th, '13, 17:11
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Topic: Looks or Personality?
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Someone that I knew, used to say:
"If I want a friend, I'll get a dog."

I wonder if most people feel that way?

How about the pictures posted by the fangirls?
Looks, or personality?

by kagi88
May 5th, '13, 19:45
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Topic: Does Anyone Watch Thai Drama
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While I was visiting Phuket I caught a few shows on TV (most bars seemed to have stuff on TV too). Most of the filming seemed very cheaply done and the acting a bit over the top so I didn't take note on any of the shows. If anyone can recommend some decent ones to get into then I'd really appreciat...
by kagi88
May 29th, '12, 09:38
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Topic: [Discussion] Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC,2012)
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Episode 1 subs are available at DarkSmurfSub.
by kagi88
Jun 15th, '11, 22:33
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Topic: [Discussion] Shiawase ni Narou yo
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Could the writer and director be the cause of bad ratings?
Most of the characters are not very likeable.