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by DORAEMON4ever
Nov 25th, '09, 02:53
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Topic: Worst Kdrama ending ever
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A Love To Kill :glare:
by DORAEMON4ever
Nov 25th, '09, 02:50
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Topic: Dramas you just couldn't finish
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Lady Castle/ Take Care of the Young Lady/ My Fair Lady

Who Are You
by DORAEMON4ever
Nov 25th, '09, 02:39
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Topic: Things I've Noticed from KDramas
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Rule #1: Don't put too much food in your mouth. Rule #2: Don't talk while eating. Rule #3: Don't eat live fish or squid or octopus.. I mean i guess it's not as bad as Chinese easting monkey brains... but anyways, Japanese and Americans don't do such thing. Rule #4: Leave the damn headrest in the fr...